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7-25 Progress

5- Carpet has been installed. The stolen appliances have been replaced and crews are just waiting on electricity so they can test the appliances. Meters are the same and crews are working on punch items. 4-Plumbers have finished trim work and HVAC trim is set to be completed this week. Cabinet hardware should also [...]


7-18 Progress Update

5- Electrical trim is complete in this building. The service inspection has passed and crews are waiting on electrical meters. Carpet is scheduled to be installed later this week. 4- All units are painted and are being touched up. The electrician is going through trim right now and the plumber is through [...]


7-11 Update

Building 5- Punch work continues throughout Building 4- The plumber was onsite in the first unit of this building installing fixtures. All units have been painted as well. Building 3- Corner metal trim has been installed for drywall in the last unit. The second to last unit has received mud and tape and the [...]



6 - This building has been closed out and will no longer be reported in weekly updates. 5- Crews are working on punch items and shower doors have been installed. 4- All units have been painted except for the last unit which is receiving texture. 3- All units have been dry-walled to [...]


6-27 Update

6- Walk throughs are taking place in this  building 5- Electrician is finishing trim work throughout all units. Final texture is being sprayed and crews passed the electrical inspection 4- 2nd and 3rd units are painted, crews are working on the 4th unit. Tilework has not changed with regard to the first [...]


6-20 Update

5-20-17 Eliot Hill Update 1- Plumbing is complete in this building, electrical is set to start soon. The framing backout has also been completed. Crews are digging gas lines and prepping for the sidewalk. 2- Crews are close to finishing siding on this building. They are working on decks, and will begin exterior paint [...]


5-31 Progress Update

6- Building six has seen no change from last week. 5- The plumber is beginning trim work. All backsplashes have been installed and crews are prepping the last unit in this building for paint. 4- All cabinets are set in this building. The door and trim work are complete throughout all units and paint [...]


5-16 Construction Update

Building 1 (2349-51)- No real change as crews are holding off until further inspections are complete. The exterior sheer inspection will begin soon. Building 2 (2317-19)- The building passed the rough plumbing inspection. Siding has also begun on the south side of the building. Building 3 (2341-47)- Rough electrical work is being installed through the [...]


5-9 Construction Update

Building 1 (2349-51)- Crews are stocking insulation. Patios are being prepared for concrete. Building 2 (2317-19)- The plumber will finish work through all units shortly. Building 3 (2341-47)- Rough electrical work continues through all units. Siding is complete and crews are beginning work on rooftop decks in this building. Building 4 (2321-27)- Tile is installed in the first [...]