4-25 Update

Building 1 (2349-2351) – Exterior sheer inspection will be happening today.

Building 2 (2319-2317) – HVAC is complete, siding will start soon, they are also starting to stock insulation.

Building 3 (2341-2347) – The South and East sides have received siding and they are now working on the West Side. HVAC is complete through all units and the plumber will be through tomorrow.

Building 4 (2327-2321) – Drywall is being hung in the last unit. The first two units are through texture and will be primed after today. The 3rd unit received mud and tape.

Building 5 (2335-2339)- Hardwood is in throughout all units. Cabinets will be in tomorrow and they will have templates for countertops by Thursday. Tilework is complete.

Building 6 (2333-2329) – No change. They are still waiting on the electrician.