5-2 Construction Progress

  • Building 1 (2349-51)- HVAC materials are currently being stocked


  • Building 2 (2317-19)- The plumber has begun work in the units


  • Building 3 (2341-47)- Plumbing is complete in all units. Siding has started on the garage side of the units and the electrician has begun rough work.


  • Building 4 (2321-27)- The last unit has completed tape and mud and is scheduled to be textured Thursday. ┬áThe sidewalk between building 4 and 3 is expected to be poured Wednesday.


  • Building 5 (2335-39)- Cabinets have been installed in all units. Doors are stocked and trim work is almost complete.


  • Building 6 (2329-33)- An electrician has finally been hired and has begun electrical trim to finish out units. Aprons are scheduled to be poured tomorrow.

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