5-16 Construction Update

  • Building 1 (2349-51)- No real change as crews are holding off until further inspections are complete. The exterior sheer inspection will begin soon.
  • Building 2 (2317-19)- The buildingĀ passed the rough plumbing inspection. Siding has also begun on the south side of the building.
  • Building 3 (2341-47)- Rough electrical work is being installed through the 3rd unit. Siding is complete around the entire building.
  • Building 4 (2321-27)- Hardwood has been installed in all units. Tile is in the process of being installed in the first 3 units. Cabinets have been stocked in the first two units and will be installed shortly.
  • Building 5 (2335-39)- Door installation and trim work are complete throughout the entire building. Counters have been installed, and painters have finished through the 2nd unit while the other is fully textured and will be painted soon.
  • Building 6 (2329-33)- Electrical trim work continues in all three units..
  • Underground electrical work is complete across the site. Low volt has been installed for Buildings 1, 2, and 4. The site is also starting to be prepped for footers and the side walls at the front.