6-27 Update

6- Walk throughs are taking place in this  building

5- Electrician is finishing trim work throughout all units. Final texture is being sprayed and crews passed the electrical inspection

4- 2nd and 3rd units are painted, crews are working on the 4th unit. Tilework has not changed with regard to the first two units not having backsplashes installed yet.

3- The drywall inspection is being conducted on the first 2 units. Drywall is stocked in the 3rd, and the insulation inspection was passed on the 4th.

2- Framers are going through backout. Siding is 95% completed and crews will start painting soon.

1 – Crews are starting the backout for framing. Siding is set to start tomorrow.

The site walls are continuing to be poured and flatwork should also begin soon.