7-18 Progress Update

5- Electrical trim is complete in this building. The service inspection has passed and crews are waiting on electrical meters. Carpet is scheduled to be installed later this week.

4- All units are painted and are being touched up. The electrician is going through trim right now and the plumber is through the second unit with trim work.

3-Texture is complete in all units and hardwood is installed through the first two units and is currently being installed in the third.

2- Electrical rough inspection was passed and crews are currently waiting on the engineer for the framing inspection this week.

1-Siding is 75% complete. Electricians are working on rough work through both units.

The south alley is complete, the west alley is complete, and the North alley is in the final stages of demolition. The front walkway and the walkway between buildings 1 and 2 are being poured and exterior paint will begin on building 2 early next week.