7-25 Progress

5- Carpet has been installed. The stolen appliances have been replaced and crews are just waiting on electricity so they can test the appliances. Meters are the same and crews are working on punch items.

4-Plumbers have finished trim work and HVAC trim is set to be completed this week. Cabinet hardware should also be installed.  (25 and 27 – the mirrors have been removed and tile should be fixed soon)

3- Cabinets have been delivered in the first two units. Wood is complete throughout the building and tile work has begun.

2- They are waiting on the structural engineer letter  and the frame inspection is Thursday. Insulation should begin Friday and decking has been delivered and will begin today.

1- The electrician is almost through rough work. All siding is complete and decking has also been stocked and will start today.

Tile on the front of buildings 1 and 2 should start soon. Crews were delivering scaffolding today. The front walkway between 1 and 2 is dry and complete and the North alley will be poured Thursday.

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