Construction Progress 2016-12-20T18:44:06+00:00

7-25 Progress

5- Carpet has been installed. The stolen appliances have been replaced and crews are just waiting on electricity so they can test the appliances. Meters are the same and crews are working on punch [...]

7-18 Progress Update

5- Electrical trim is complete in this building. The service inspection has passed and crews are waiting on electrical meters. Carpet is scheduled to be installed later this week. 4- All units [...]

7-11 Update

Building 5- Punch work continues throughout Building 4- The plumber was onsite in the first unit of this building installing fixtures. All units have been painted as well. Building 3- Corner metal trim has [...]


6 - This building has been closed out and will no longer be reported in weekly updates. 5- Crews are working on punch items and shower doors have been installed. 4- All [...]

6-27 Update

6- Walk throughs are taking place in this  building 5- Electrician is finishing trim work throughout all units. Final texture is being sprayed and crews passed the electrical inspection 4- 2nd and [...]