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6-20 Update

5-20-17 Eliot Hill Update 1- Plumbing is complete in this building, electrical is set to start soon. The framing backout has also been completed. Crews are digging gas lines and prepping for the sidewalk. [...]

5-31 Progress Update

6- Building six has seen no change from last week. 5- The plumber is beginning trim work. All backsplashes have been installed and crews are prepping the last unit in this building for paint. [...]

5-16 Construction Update

Building 1 (2349-51)- No real change as crews are holding off until further inspections are complete. The exterior sheer inspection will begin soon. Building 2 (2317-19)- The building passed the rough plumbing inspection. Siding has [...]

5-9 Construction Update

Building 1 (2349-51)- Crews are stocking insulation. Patios are being prepared for concrete. Building 2 (2317-19)- The plumber will finish work through all units shortly. Building 3 (2341-47)- Rough electrical work continues through all units. Siding is [...]

5-2 Construction Progress

Building 1 (2349-51)- HVAC materials are currently being stocked   Building 2 (2317-19)- The plumber has begun work in the units   Building 3 (2341-47)- Plumbing is complete in all units. Siding has started [...]

4-25 Update

Building 1 (2349-2351) – Exterior sheer inspection will be happening today. Building 2 (2319-2317) – HVAC is complete, siding will start soon, they are also starting to stock insulation. Building 3 (2341-2347) – The [...]